ClOud iNtelligent explosiVe detectiOn sYstem

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The first CONVOY workshop is held in Sweden

On May 15th and 16th the first workshop for the CONVOY project took place in the city of Kista, Sweden. The event was attended by the four consortiums participating in the Tech Challenge, each providing a high level definition of their systems and collaborating to plan the first evaluation campaign.


CONVOY (ClOud iNtelligent explosiVe detectiOn sYstem)

The CONVOY project will combine sensing technologies for the detection and recognition of hidden threats, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and landmines.


The CONVOY project is conducted by a consortium of European companies with expertise in demining and IED detection projects, as well as expertise in tactical cloud infrastructures, artificial intelligence, and information fusion projects.

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Field Campaigns

Field evaluation campaigns are useful incremental processes to collect data, validate algorithms, and improve the system.

Campaign #1

The goal of the first field evaluation campaign is to perform an initial assessment of the CONVOY system.

Campaign #2

The second field evaluation campaign seeks to improve the system presented in the previous campaign.

Campaign #3

The main objective of the third field evaluation campaign is to enhance the CONVOY system.

Campaign #4

The last field evaluation campaign aims to present de final CONVOY system and the obtained results.

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